The Best Treadmills for Running Workouts of 2022

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Lindsay Boyers
  Aug 15, 2022 6:27 PM
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Whether you're preparing for a major race or just want to increase your endurance, a treadmill is the perfect exercise companion to help you achieve your own fitness objectives.

Our assessment of the finest treadmills for running exercises is included below. These models have excellent shock absorption, large running spaces, and remarkable incline/decline settings to imitate training on actual terrain, as well as affordable warranties.

And regardless of whether they have high-tech features such as touchscreen displays or live-streamed lectures, every treadmill offers the same simple user experience: just run on the treadmill's moving belt to begin your workout.

This post will review some of the best treadmills for running workouts.


1. The Commercial 2950 treadmill 

The NordicTrack Commercial 2950 treadmill is one of the most feature-rich machines available, with automatic inclination adjustment, Bluetooth connectivity, Google Maps integration, and customizable workout data. My favorite feature, though, is the ability to access iFit's enormous collection of interactive activities.

Rather than that, you may be running through natural settings that give a refreshing variation from treadmill routines. With the exception of those procedures, the Commercial 2950 is a high-quality machine. The previously mentioned automatically adjustable resistance feature is revolutionary since it allows trainers to completely control the treadmill's inclination, decline, and speed while you run — all you have to focus on is running.


  • Access to instructor-led sessions with automated incline/speed adjustment

  • With purchasing, a one-year family subscription to iFit is provided.

  • 22" touch screen with incline and decline choices

  • Integrated fan


  • Pricey

  • Not foldable

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Treadmills

This low-cost treadmill on Amazon is a value, considering how many people buy it and love it. Naturally, some sacrifices have been made in order to reach such a low price—the belt is the thinnest we've seen, the motor is restricted to 9 mph, and modifying the inclination involves exiting the machine and switching a lever under the deck.

It is, however, smooth and steady at walking speeds and is useful for the occasional jog when you are otherwise unable to go outside. It's impossible to argue with the value that this treadmill provides at this price.


  • There are three distinct manual inclination positions.

  • The device holder is really useful, as are the fast speed buttons.

  • Ideal for locations with limited space


  • The shelf for a small device holder is fairly thin.

3.  Bowflex Treadmill Series

This treadmill is a beast — and the price reflects it. The Bowflex Treadmill 22 offers an exceptional design and craftsmanship, as well as a powerful performance and a plethora of associated functions. This high-end equipment is as large and strong (if not more so) like those seen in a gym. The running platform is spacious and comfy, and the large 22-inch touchscreen makes it easy to observe routines. Additionally, by connecting your streaming services through the JRNY app, you may watch Netflix or Disney Plus as you run.

Concerning the JRNY app, it is essential, albeit the treadmill comes with a free two-month trial. JRNY lacks Peloton's live studio sessions and community elements, but it makes up for this with a large selection of on-demand and adaptive exercises.


  • Sturdy construction

  • 4.0-horsepower motor

  • Integration of Netflix and Disney Plus


  • Extremely costly

  • Subscriptions are required for the JRNY app.

4. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Smart Treadmill

The Sunny Health SF-T7515 is a real all-in-one device and one of the finest treadmills for seniors. Non-slip handlebars, an emergency stop clip, and a hands-free, soft-drop hydraulic system make opening and collapsing effortless.

You can control the slope and speed through the digital screen or the handlebars, which also have 12 pre-programmed programs and the ability to track speed, time, distance, calories burnt, and pulse. Simply connect your smartphone or tablet to the gadget over Bluetooth to stream music, podcasts, or even video exercises.


  • 12 inclination stages with a single touch

  • Heart rate monitoring through pulse grasp

  • Speakers equipped with Bluetooth

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1. Is running on a treadmill better for you than running outside?

While treadmill jogging is more convenient, low-impact, and precise than outside running, it is also more expensive. While running outside is typically more entertaining, alleviates symptoms of poor mental health, and is ultimately less costly, it also adds weather and injury difficulties.

2. Are treadmills good for marathon training?

A treadmill is an excellent way to prepare for a marathon. Whether you utilize the treadmill for specialized marathon speed workouts or for all of your marathon training runs, many individuals effectively prepare for marathons using treadmills.

3. Do elite runners train on treadmills?

Numerous elite American runners make extensive use of the technologies available to them. They workout on treadmills that efficiently lessen the load on their legs, allowing them to continue exercising while recuperating from injury.

Final Thoughts

As a result of the information provided above, we hope you now have a better understanding of how to choose the best treadmills for running workouts. Based on this information, choose the Treadmills for Runners that are most fit for your budget and demands.

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