The Best UREVO Treadmills of 2022

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Lindsay Boyers
  Aug 15, 2022 7:22 PM
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UREVO official is a good seller on the market. This brand is rated more than 4 stars from customers. It means that the majority of shoppers are satisfied with their purchases. It is a reputable brand that offers a variety of fitness equipment with useful features. This company mainly sells sports & outdoors products under the brand of UREVO. On top of that, their treadmills seem to be one of the most outstanding products. With so many people moving to home offices, feeling confined to a chair for the entire day can be a real pain. During the workday, the UREVO treadmill comes in handy as a budget and convenient choice at all.

There are a variety of UREVO treadmills available. It's quite confusing when you attempt to find the best option. For this reason, we collect the top 4 best UREVO treadmills following for you to consider.


1. Best Overall - UREVO Foldable Treadmills

Remarkable Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 59.45 x 28.74 x 5.51 inches

  • Speed Range: 0.5 - 7.5 MPH

  • Max User Weight: 260 lbs

  • Belt Size: 16.5×45.7 inches

  • Motor: 2.5 HP

  • Programs: 12 pre-set training

Product’s Highlights:

With its powder-coated steel frame, the Urevo Fitness Treadmill is small and durable. It comes with 12 pre-programmed training regimens that mimic natural terrain. A powerful 2.5HP motor ensures a quiet and comfortable sporting environment. It's a nice-looking running computer with a straightforward yet sturdy design that will appeal to the majority of users.

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  • Wider anti-slip belt

  • Smooth motor

  • Compact design


  • No incline

2. Most Space-Saving - UREVO 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill

Remarkable Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 49 x 23 x 50 inches

  • Running Surface: 16.9 inch

  • Motor: 2.5 HP

  • Max Weight: 265 Pounds 

  • Speed Range: 3.8-7.6 MPH

  • 5 layers non-slip running belt

Product’s Highlights:

This is an excellent alternative if you've been looking for a method to get some steps in while working from home. You may fold the handlebar down and place the treadmill under a standing desk to walk slowly throughout the day.

The tread belt was also quite short, measuring only 42.5 inches in length. Again, this is far smaller than the normal deck size for walkers, which is 50 inches, and for runners, which is 55 inches.

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  • Budget treadmill

  • Ideal for power saving  

  • Less vibration or impact


  • Small remote control

3. Best For Home Use - UREVO Treadmills for Home

Remarkable Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 55.2 x 27.8 x 5.1 inches

  • Belt Size: 17.3” x 45.7”

  • Motor: 3.0 HP

  • Max Weight: 265 Pounds 

  • Speed Range: 0.5-8.7 MPH

  • Programs: 12 preset

Product’s Highlights:

The folding unit is delivered folded. When folded, it's about 5 inches broad and 5 inches tall. When you're 5 inches tall, it's simple to slide beneath a bed or couch.

The folding device was rather easy to move thanks to the wheels on the front of the base. The treadmill took a few minutes to unroll and arrange in the proper position. On both sides of the unit, it required three persons to lift it up.

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  • Easy to assemble

  • Wider multi-layer tread belt

  • Affordable price


  • Weak motor 

4. Best Incline Treadmill - UREVO Foldable Treadmill with Incline

Remarkable Specifications:

  • Running Belt Width: 17”

  • Weight: 265 pounds 

  • Incline: 3 Manual Incline Levels

  • Max speed: 8.5 MPH

  • Motor: 3.0 HP

Product’s Highlights:

This treadmill has three variable slope angles (1 percent, 3 percent, and 4.5 percent) to let you acquire various running strengths for your training goals while also boosting the aerobic training effect.

In addition, the deck's soft-drop hydraulic mechanism is a fantastic feature that allows it to softly lower to the floor. With the built-in handrail controls, you can easily modify the speed you wish.

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  • Quick speed buttons

  • Multi layer running belt

  • Spacesaver


  • Limited speed

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1. Are Urevo treadmills any good?

This brand is an excellent running machine for those on a tight budget who want to stay in shape at home without breaking the bank.

2. Who makes Urevo treadmills?

This treadmill is made by Shanghai Runmi Technology Co in Shanghai, China.

3. What are the common downsides in Urevo treadmills?

The typical demerits of Urevo treadmills are medium speed and low performance motors. But you will gain what you pay for, it still brings some fitness values to customers.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the UREVO treadmill is a fantastic machine. It's small, inexpensive, and fits nicely beneath a desk. We hope you can draw the ideal one due to our best UREVO treadmills.

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