Privacy policy - Best Treadmills Guide

BestTreadmills.Guide (We) allow the General Data Protection Regulation (the "GDPR") legally, so we are committed to respecting the privacy rights of customers, visitors, and other users of our website.

When you enter BestTreadmills.Guide, we may collect some information from you to enhance our service quality, such as:

  • Your full name, email address, account number, phone number, fax number, location, shipping address, billing address, payment information.
  • From your devices: login ID, login device, IP address (IP address shows your area, region, or city you are in), and password.
  • Information: web pages you check, the products you are searching for, how you interact with the website, which information you want from the site.

How we use your information

The purpose of BestTreadmills.Guide is for business and satisfies the customers. We will inform you of new products, the price change, contact you about our maintenance, technical issues, any changes to our websites.

We use this information to serve you as quickly as possible with the advertisements you might concern.

Information Security

We will protect your data by some technical methods. However, you also have to manage your personal information, do not disclose your password or anything relating to other people.

You had better contact us if you recognize any stranger or different device leak into your account. We will notify and protect your account through email or letter, phone SMS

Restrictions about children's information

BestTreadmills.Guide is the web for business. So children under 13 years old are not encouraged. We also recommend parents or guardians supervise their children's behavior on the internet. If we receive personal data from children lower than 13 years old, we will delete all immediately.

Return and refund policy

BestTreadmills.Guide, we are a member of the Amazon Associate Program, not the seller. After you read our reviews and order the product on Amazon via our affiliate links, that's our mission.

If you want to return or refund the product, feel free to contact the seller and check conditions following Amazon's return and refund policy. We are ready to give you support when you have any questions about the approach between the sellers and the buyers.